About us

In our opinion, postcards seem to be generally regarded without any respect. It’s not easy to find a shop specialized on selling postcards, moreover, even if you were lucky to come across one the range of postcards that are sold there is but a standard variety of too glossy and unnaturally bright stuff one can’t stand mourning over.

V 1.0

So, we have decided to join the world movement for saving good postcards known as Postcrossing. We think that the more postcards, the better. Our aim is not only to sell good postcard but also to grow them carefully. What’s the most important about a postcard? Definitely, the picture. Thus we print thoroughly selected photos and pictures by our authors and each of them reflects the unique personal vision of an artist.

Our shop has been around for more than 6 years and has become a good friend to many postcrossers and other snail mail admirers. But at the end of 2019 the shop has interrupted its operation. Though it turns out not to be the end...

V 2.0

So, at the end of 2020 our shop has restarted its work! Let's get acquainted again!

My name is Diana, I'm a postcrosser since 2013. Just like many of you, I've been very upset to know about the shut down of one of my most beloved postcards shops. But in some unexpected way it has turned out that Cardspoint shop has come back and I've been directly relevant to its return. I'm going to save the atmosphere here as it used to be - comfortable, cozy and a bit geeky as everything in St. Petersburg. The one to help me with it all is Mr. Chiz - a friendly and helpful bird, who lives here since the very beginning. So, as I'm not alone keeping this shop, in my texts I will often write "we" :)

You are welcome! Have a nice shopping with us!