Dear friends!

Since 7 December 2023 we don't sell our postcards for individuals and self-employed via this website. But we are going to find some other ways and places to interact with you. If we succeed we'll announce it here.

But we are still open for cooperation with businessmen and companies.

We are very grateful to all of you for the time of our communication due to interest in postcards! We'll be glad to receive your messages to our e-mail .


Looking forward to meeting again,

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Photo cards are not just pictures, showing the world as it is. The authors of photos represent us not a simple copy of reality, but their own, unique vision. They transform the world through the camera as the artist transforms it with brushes and paints. Postcards with photos tell us stories about everything — about faraway cities and countries, about domestic and wild animals, stories about people and nature, and some of these stories you can take with you or send on a journey, becoming the narrator, like the author of the photo.

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